Lost items – Richard Millet’s political essay writing for the first time in German language

Well over 50 novels, Great essays and reflections on the current situation has already written Richard Millet. He is therefore regarded as one of the most important contemporary writer who was awarded the essay prize of the Académie française deservedly in France.

It is not surprising that Millet’s most important books have been published until recently by Gallimard, probably the most traditional publishing house in Paris. Alone, a political campaign against the novelist led to its dortigem retirement as editor. This was Millets “Eloge on Breivik” ( 2012). In this – now translated to German – essay, he takes off on the “formal perfection” and the “literary dimension” indeed Breivik, posing as a reason for the Oslo massacre the loss of identity within a multicultural society in the debate.

The reactions in the French and West German feuilleton were negative to hateful and concentrated on these two excerpts, in spite of the sincere well-founded explanation as Millets, he thought Breivik’s atrocities for “monstrous”.

Millet was unimpressed by the media witch hunt – he knew and knows about the manipulation of the published opinion and has therefore no needs retreated to an observation post from which he dissects the dissolution of Western culture. Result of this now almost unique independent time diagnostics are especially the essays “anti-racism as a terrorist against the literature,” “Phantom language,” and “The exhausted mind”.

The stylistic brilliance Millets completes the razor-sharp analysis of politics, society, language and literature, which are collected entered into his lost items. Millet is a writer, WaldgГ¤nger and partisan; surrender he rejects in all properties. By the end, he tells of countless attacks by unperturbed, he would be a “guardian of decline”.