Proofreading the thesis – what to be considered?

In a review of the thesis should be paid particular attention to whether the procedural requirements have been complied. The proofreading of the thesis is the last step before printing, when this error can not be seen, it is usually for a change too late. There’s thesis certain procedural requirements to be followed, misspellings are used by most professors, especially in the natural sciences, but also for economists, educators and lawyers rather tolerated – which does not mean that spelling with no value is placed.

The thesis – the last step to the title

At the end of studying a thesis must be written many times. For them, there are certain procedural requirements, if errors exist, are easily modifiable in proofreading the thesis. The situation is different with the content, here serious mistakes were made, it is usually used for corrections too late. Basically, ever worked careful when creating the final work, the lower the cost in the subsequent review. Most of the students are finished with their dissertation until shortly before the deadline, in the hustle and bustle errors are often overlooked.

Since a student hardly works without a computer, the spell check is the slightest problem, otherwise it looks with the formatting form. Many PC performs an unwanted life of its own, so footnotes disappear, the font size suddenly at the beginning of the work other than at the end, table formats become independent and much more. Even if the content should be relevant, most professors still place great emphasis on the outward appearance, so it is sensible to neglect these details in any case in proofreading the thesis.